Experiences together

Experiences together


C-19 Update

Due to the current situation, all in person workshops have been put on hold for now. I am taking waiting lists for Airbnb Experiences, Workshops & Events later in the summer. Just sign up to my Newsletter and I will keep you up to date and let you know, when I believe it is safe and responsible to start again.

My Workshops & Events are an invitation to embark with me on an Experience and Journey to support you in Healing in YOUR daily life. I offer a range of transformational and fun, Social & connective Experiences – in person and online.

I can also cater for groups and tailor an Event for example for a birthday group, please enquire:

Chakra Balance  & Healing Workshop

What we’ll do

You will learn about the energetic centers of the body known as the Chakras. I will go through the 7 main Chakras, what they are and how we can balance them via for example Crystal & Reiki Healing and Meditation.

Together, we will do a guided meditation focusing on each Chakra and you will experience Sound Healing with my beautiful big Crystal bowl to prepare the body and mind to receive the healing with an open heart.

I will anoint each of your Chakras with specially blended essential oils before placing a Crystal on each one. If I feel it beneficial for you – I may add extra ones on your body.

The music will start and you will then get to experience the relaxing and healing effects of Reiki Healing. The music will continue for about 20-30min after which we will have refreshments; a cuppa tea and a piece of Vegan Locally sourced Chocolate. Whilst you have the opportunity to share your experience amongst yourselves.

This is an experience that many guests say, have left them walking out with a feeling of harmony and creating intuitive and creative thoughts, whilst being more in tune & balance with body and mind.


What I’ll provide

To make your experience a truly opulent one, you will taste a piece of good locally made vegan chocolate to enjoy with your cup of tea!

On top of all this my gift to you!  An organza bag with 7 Chakra Crystals and information on these, so you can continue self-healing journey at home.

Supported restrictions: Dairy-free, Egg-free, Peanut allergy, Vegan, Tree nut allergy, Vegetarian

To make your experience a truly opulent one, you will be tasting a piece of good locally made vegan chocolate to enjoy with your cuppa tea!

I offer water and a selection of Yogi tea

Blankets, mats and cushions

We will conduct our workshop in the Zerenity of my purpose build “ZEN LODGE” in the back of my beautiful garden. It is fully equipped with massage coach, meditation cushions and mats, futon, LED lighting, oils diffusers and dimmable light. It is truly unique and will be cleared with sage between each session, also known as smudging.

Try to have your main meal at least 45 minutes before coming. Wear or bring to change into loose comfortable clothing. Please do not wear any fragrance. Options to lie on Padded Mat, Yoga Mat, Futon or a brand new super padded Massage couch, please let me know if you have any special requirements.

Why not book a room in my house, I have several available both single and double, so even a Birthday party, family or a group of friends booking a workshop or weekend can stay over.

Hemp Tea Party

Have a Tea party in your own home, enjoying Hemp tea together with a piece of Locally Sourced organic Chocolate. Learn about the powerful benefits of Hemp (non-intoxicating & totally legal) and the incredible benefits it is can bring!

You will also receive a min. 5 minutes mini hand or shoulder massage by Holistic therapist and Owner of “Zensuality” with Hemp infused Massage oil.

There will be an opportunity to buy various Products including oil, soap, candy, tea, balm and vapes and the new skin care range “Joven”