Responsibly Sourced and Eco Friendly!


“We only use ingredients which are ethically and sustainably sourced, Vegan and Earth Kind. All our packaging will be recycled where possible and recyclable. No Greenwashing, we are totally transparent”.


  • What is the true definition of ‘sustainability’?
    The United Nations defines sustainability as ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’ Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

For us Sustainability start from when we source and purchase our products, through to ingredients, labelling, the space and energy we use to manufacturer and till labelling and packaging. It’s. total cycle of “How we do things” and our Green Culture. It comes with a healthy respect for both Humans, Nature, Animals and Mother Earth in general.

In 2020 Zen + Soul Studio (then Zen Studio Therapies) was selected as a Finalist in FHT ” Green therapy Business of the year”, we didn’t win, but we were a close runner up of which we are very proud…


“Nature is at the heart of everything we do”


We prioritise sourcing products that are; NATURAL, VEGAN, EARTH KIND & CRUELTY FREE!

  • We manufacture  in small batches in Hertfordshire in our Garden Studio.
  • We prioritise locally sourced ingredients.
  • We only use a few suppliers, that we personally know and most we have visited too (see phot above, Tina in the Files in Sutton).
  • We grown many of our Botanicals in our Allotment near the Studio, where they are hand dried. Some are even grown in our own garden outside the studio, such as our rose petals.
  • ALL our products, including raw ingredients are VEGAN and, are never tested on animals. We only work with a few suppliers, that all certify this.
    All our candles are made with sustainable rapeseed wax from Europe and UK.

Eco-friendly packaging

You can rest assured that every Zen + Soul order you receive will be eco-friendly and beautifully packaged. We want you to feel like you’re opening a gift from us. Everything can be reused and/or recycled. We also ask all our suppliers that they deliver to us plastic free and we reuse all their packaging too. It’s the perfect packaging eco-system!

Our commitment to minimising our environmental footprint and choosing the most sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options. Here’s just two ways we’re achieving this:

  • Bottles and Jars: We only use amber glass bottles and clear glass jars  which can be upcycled into a single stem vase or as a home for kitchen nuts and seeds or jewellery. And when recycled, the glass breaks down and returns to its original state, mainly silica sand. We use UK 80% UK manufactured glass. For example our bath and body oils glass bottles and lids are made in the UK.
  • Cartons: We don’t use external cartons for any of our products to reduce excess packaging. The note cards with every order are made from recycled paper sources and the tissue paper used to wrap the products is acid free and fully recyclable. And absolutely no single-use plastic wrapping is used. Our delivery boxes are 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials
  • ZERO PLASTIC: ALL product containers are Plastic Free, no plastic lids, we use aluminium only. All our boxes are carefully selected and we use all shapes & sizes. This means that your order is not only lovingly packed and stays safe on its journey to you, but that it takes up as little room in the postman’s van as possible.
  • CARDS: Our cards are made from 100% recycled Kraft card. We really do appreciate you all a lot. We don’t include packing slips so as not to waste paper. We also have Seed cards for a little note in our gift boxes and as an option for our candles as Candle dust covers, although our bamboo lid is a sustainable option, there is nothing like planting our SEED cards in your garden.
  • TAPE: We use compostable paper tape. This also means that if you do recycle or compost your packaging you won’t have to remove the tape.
  • FILLER: We use Corn starch biodegradable packaging peanuts.
  • SEE THROUGH PACKAGING: Is made from Recyclable and biodegradable eco-Cellulose, not plastic. See for example our shampoo bars and conditioners bars.
  • Our label paper is made in the UK.


We endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint by ensuring our product is sourced from countries that specialise in the skills and techniques required to make it, and to deliver it to our customers with transportation methods that have the smallest possible impact on the environment.


  • Our products and samples are packaged in either glass or aluminium 100% recycled, fully recyclable plastic bottles.
  • We do not use plastic (Bakelit black or white included) screw lids on for example our candles. We use Aluminium.
  • We have eliminated single use plastic to a minimum, for example using filtered drinking water given out in a glass in Sessions.
  • We do not give out water bottles to clients. Our water is fresh and clean but we save time and money by avoiding the packaged water habit.
  • Any cups used at events/ workshops / markets are either plant based or glass and we simply reuse them.
  • Our dropper bottles, have a very small amount of plastic between the glass dropper and rubber lid,  We are transparent. so can not claim ZERO use of plastic. At least not yet.

Reduce, Recycle & Reuse

  • Our product containers are 100% recyclable. They are either made from clear glass or aluminium, of which both materials are infinitely recyclable.
  • We are obsessed with supporting our Local recycling system. We have bins to separate Card, organic/ food waste (although we mostly use this to compost in our garden) waste, green waste and then the rest.
  • We also have a big water-butt collecting rainwater from the entire Studio roof. It may not directly affect or clients or the business, but we think it all counts into the big scheme of things.
  • All batteries and ink cartridges are also separately delivered to recycling.
  • Our leaflets & business cards are from on recycled paper and printed with vegetable in, fully recycled & recyclable & sealed with water-based glue.

Our work environment – The Zen Studio:

Building Materials & Environment of The Zen Lodge:

Zen Studio was purpose built, so I had the unique opportunity to select my own materials, suppliers and use Eco-friendly, Non-toxic and recycled materials.

  • ZERO-VOC paint & treatments
  • We also love plants and have introduced Houseplants that improve air quality and absorb gasses such as benzene and even formaldehyde through the pores on their leaves. According to this study done by NASA, indoor plants have the potential to remove up to 70% of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in indoor air. We have Boston Ferns, Aloe Vera and Spider plant
  • 100% of our electricity used in studio is from 100% renewable sources such as; wind, biomass and solar
  • Our light bulbs are ALL LEDs
  • We use rechargeable LED candles for extra soft lightning in Studio Sessions
  • We work from home, studio in back garden and are  currently looking at heating + Insulation options to reach our goal to reduce our carbon foot print.


Our bank is Green, with only 3 offices run on renewable energy and no branches. Even our bank cards are made form recycled plastic.

The Future

As awareness and the importance of recyclables continues to become a global priority, so scientists, packaging manufacturers and industry experts continue to develop new and innovative product ideas. In our ongoing mission to lower our carbon footprint, we will endeavour to constantly source the most sustainable materials as they become commercially available.