Conscious Breathing

“Breathing is the secret of Life”

Breathwork & Meditation

I am a trained in Breathwork & Guided Meditation and you can meet me for private sessions. Are you looking to begin a practice or looking to explore and go deeper into your current practice and get some new ideas? Meditation & Breath work takes time to master, as does any other skill. If you stick with it and are willing to experiment with me, as there is no “right way”, together we can explore the different types till we find one that works particularly well for you. Private sessions are also a wonderful way to deepen the healing experience you may have had in a group session.

The session will start with a brief chat during which I will explain a little about conscious breathing and what we do during the session. We will then together practice different types of breathing for energising and harmonising the body or calming the mind and body. We will then go into a deep mediative state so that we can connect with our true nature and the essence of who we truly are. Some sessions may start lying down or sitting up so comfortable clothing is preferable.and we will set your intention to receive the healing and you can do that each time you listen to the meditation.

Expand your inner awareness, connect within, release stress and anxiety, strengthen your intuition, and become aware of how your body is always communicating with you with my guided healing meditations. Each of my guided meditations has a unique theme to support you wherever you are in life. My healing meditation helps you ground, cleanse, clear, open and expand your energy so you can feel more aligned, peaceful, calm and open to life. The meditations are also filled with healing energy, all you have to do is

Meditation & Breathwork offers time for relaxation and heightened awareness in a stressful world where our senses are often either over or under active. It works on a Holistic level in Your Mind – Body & Spirit

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”
Thich Nhat Hang, Stepping into Freedom: Rules of Monastic Practice for Novices


Quiet your thoughts

Improve Focus & Memory

Strengthens intuition

Help heals stored trauma

Releases stuck & negative emotions

Increase peace & self-perception

Lessen impulsive, emotional reactions


Release muscle tension

Relieves anxiety & stress

Increase energy

Ease stored grief

Aids addiction recovery


Aids deep sleep

Helps digestion


Experience your true self

Rise to your full potential

Connect with self & heart

Find your true beliefs

Awaken your power

Remove stagnant energy

Increase peace & self perception

Create self-love & acceptance

Benefits of Breathwork

      • Strengthen’s respiratory system
      • Strengthen’s lymphatic system
      • Balance hormones

      • Boosts immune system

      • Improves cardiovascular system

      •  Calms the nervous system

      Group Classes


      Coming Soon !!!

      Breathwork with Cacao and crystal singing bowls.