Nordic Glow clay face mask

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Rejuvenate you skins radiance with our Nordic Berries clarifying face mask!

If you’re looking for a natural detox and a glowing complexion, try our NORDIC GLOW Clay face mask.  Infused with arctic berries and soothing oat and packed with skin-brightening actives like wild lingonberry, rose hip, and juniper berries.
Formulated with a duo of French clays, it gently cleanses and exfoliates, leaving your skin feeling plumped, soft, and silky. Plus, it’s loaded with natural vitamins A, E, C, and minerals to give your skin a healthy boost and radiance.
Ideal for dry and mature skin. Also great for acne prone skin.
  • Promotes cell renewal
  • Light exfoliating effect
  • Evens and brighten skin tone
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.
  • Antioxidants help to protect the skin

With every order, we plant One Tree.

Vegan + Sustainable + Earth Kind


Key Benefits

More about The use of Clay Face masks as a Timeless Beauty & Wellness Ritual

Rosehip Powder: Rosehip powder minimises wrinkles, improves skin moisture, and boosts collagen and elastin levels. It’s rich in Vitamin C and natural tretinoin, protecting against free radicals and promoting youthful, smoother skin.

Lingonberry Powder: Lingonberry powder, a super fruit in Scandinavia, offers antioxidants and flavonoids to protect all skin types. It soothes irritated and acne-prone skin, making it suitable for various skin types. Its vitamin and mineral content contributes to overall skin health.

Arctic Oat: Arctic oat acts as a gentle exfoliant, moisturises, and reduces inflammation. It contains beta-glucans, phenols, and vitamin E for soothing stressed, blemished, and irritated skin. It also relieves dryness and itchiness.

Juniper Berry Oil: Juniper berry oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, soothing irritated skin. It improves circulation, reduces puffiness, and balances sebum production for oily and combination skin. It helps with redness, inflammation, acne, eczema, and fades blemishes.

How to Use

  • Cleanse your face and neck with our Facial bamboo flannel, this will prepare your skin and allow the best results from the clay mask treatment and pat face dry.
  • 1.5 tbsp of powder into a small bowl, add a couple of teaspoons of water, one at a time and gently mix to a smooth paste (avoid using a metal spoon or bowl, bamboo is best).
  • Gently spread the mix across your face and neck, not too close to your eye area, I like to a wooden spatula but using fingers is fine, simply leave to dry for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.
  • DO NOT allow mask to dry completely as this removes moisture from the skin barrier.
  • To remove, splash face with warm water and massage gently with fingers in a circular motion.  Use a wet face cloth such as our Bamboo face flannels to remove and residual product.
  • Follow with a good few drops of Wild Rose organic facial Serum or Nordic Glow face oil for a real skincare treat. Take care not to get water in the remaining mask and do not store any remaining mix.

TOP TIP: Instead of water you can use Aloe Vera Juice, Apple cider vinegar, Green tea or Rose water.

Each jar yields approximately 7 masks for main size.

Use 1-2 times a week as required.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Patch test before full application, avoid eye contact, not be used on broken skin or mucous membranes, if irritation occurs discontinue use. Do not store hydrated mask for future use. *Clay can stain fabric so ensure clothing is covered and take care when applying and rinsing to avoid any accidental staining of fabrics.


Kaolin, Pink Clay (Illite), Rosehip Powder (Rosa Canina Fruit), Oat (Avena Sativa), Lingonberry (Vaccicum Vitis) powder, Juniperberry oil (Juniperus communis). Naturally Occuring in essential oil: Limonene.

*This is a natural product and colour, ingredients and packaging might vary slightly.


Your clay face mask is packaged in a 60ml glass jar with aluminium lid with cosmetic lid liner. Wooden spoon, Bamboo Flannel and mixing bowls are not included.

Available in 2 sizes including a handy travel size. Note travel size comes in 30ml glass jar.

Or why not try our travel set of 1 each – Calming Rose, Puryfying Kelp and Rescue Rhassoul in logo bag with spoon; Travel set of 3 different face clay masks.

Your face mask will arrive in a biodegradable kraft card box with void filler, or potato starch peanuts.  If you require gift wrap, please add this to your order. Gift wrapping.

Additional information

Nordic Glow Clay Face mask

Regular size, Travel size

1 review for Nordic Glow clay face mask

  1. Sai

    The skin of my face is left truly gorgeous with this Nordic Clay. A quick 10 minutes of application once a week really helps rejuvenate and lift any dark spots or blemishes, leaving my skin looking clear and clean. I was surprised how quickly it gets to work. I also love how naturally sourced every ingredient in this product are (and all products overall). It gives me the trust and confidence with what I am putting on my face and body long term that no toxins are included in the Zen Soul products overall. I’ll be re purchasing x

    • Tina Kent

      Hi Sai, We are so happy you like the “Nordic Glow” clay mask and thank you for your lovely review.
      Tina XoXo

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