Wild Rhubarb Reed Diffuser



Crafted with care in our Zen Soul Studio, our exquisite handmade vegan Wild Rhubarb Reed Diffuser aim to spread a captivating fragrance throughout your living space. These luxurious creations are the ideal solution for maintaining a divine aroma in any room, effortlessly elevating the ambiance.

Housed in a stunningly shaped glass, our reed diffusers not only emit enchanting scents but also serve as a visual enhancement, instantly elevating and transforming any space they grace. Immerse yourself in the sensory luxury that our Zen Soul Studio reed diffusers bring to your home.

Wild Rhubarb: Top notes of crisp and tart rhubarb enhanced by sweet notes of plum, peach and blackberries. Be transported to a summers day picking rhubarb at mum’s allotment.

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Vegan + Natural + Earth kind


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Each diffuser contains 100ml and should last a minimum of 2 months, our diffusers are made with a vegan clean non toxic base which gives excellent scent throw. It can take a few days for the oil to soak up the Reed sticks and the scent to start becoming noticeable… we recommend flipping your reeds 1-2 times per week. Use all 8 reeds for a stronger scent or use as few as 4 for a less string fragrance.

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