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These Car Diffuser Refills are an eco friendly way to take your favourite scents on the road. They are to be used with an existing or empty car diffuser. Each 50ml bottle will refill our car diffusers 7-8 times! Although you can mix and match We suggest using the same refill scent for your existing diffuser. Mixing can alter the overall scent!

The Florist: Blended to capture the essence of a richly aromatic bouquet of flowers, with top notes of peonies & English rose , heart notes of jasmine, red apple & carnations and base notes of soft amber.

Coastal walks: Top notes of lemon, bergamot, and orange, intertwined with heart notes of fresh juniper berries, rosemary, tea tree and pine, grounded by a base note of soft white Cedarwood. Immerse yourself in the uplifting aroma of natures coastal beauty.

Wild Rhubarb: Top notes of crisp and tart rhubarb enhanced by sweet notes of plum, peach and blackberries. Be transported to a summers day picking rhubarb at mum’s allotment.

Bramble Woods: A sophisticated fruity, woody and herbaceous scent with Top notes of Dark blackberries, heart notes of Delicate rose & bay leaf and base notes of Musky sandalwood & cedar

Cedar Lodge: A perfect sophisticated masculine scent. This fragrance is deep, woody and comforting. Top notes of Bergamot & Eucalyptus, heart notes of spices & lavender with base notes of Cedarwood and musks

Spiced Pear: Top notes of Caramelised Bartlett pears gently simmering with the warmth of grated nutmeg, cinnamon, and creamy vanilla pods. ‘Spiced Pear’ is the very soul of the season, a sensory journey through crisp, chilly days and the comfort of indulgent treats.

Nordic Spruce: Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of the Scandinavian forest. With fresh top notes of Pine and Eucalyptus, heart notes of black spruce and earthy Base notes of Vetiver & Cedarwood.

Vegan + Natural + Earth Kind



50ml refill car diffuser liquid in glass bottle. Unscrew wooden lid and use dropper to add 6ml. liquid, taken car not to over fill or spill.

Approx 7- 8 x refills.

Buy with your favourite car diffuser.

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Coastal Walks, Thai, Lime & Mango, Wild Rhubarb, The Florist, Cedar Lodge, Spiced Pear, Nordic Spruce


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